Atari 2600 Composite UAV Ultimate Atari Video Upgrade Comparison

I upgraded my Atari 2600 with an Ultimate Atari Video (AKA UAV) mod from the cheap eBay composite mod I installed previously. In this video I explain a little bit about the history and the technology of the UAV, compare the two, and then show you how to fit your own.

In the UK and Europe the UAV is available from the ctrl-alt-rees shop or my ebay shop. This will save a huge amount of shipping and import duty from the USA!

To purchase in the US and Canada please visit The Brewing Academy.

If you’re interested in installing into your own system, the manuals for this mod are available here: Original Brewing Academy UAV Installation Manual For 2600 / 5200 / 7800 / 8-Bits. Atari 7800-Specific Installation Manual By Cro§Bow / Ivory Tower Collections.

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