Some of these documents contain the entire original manual. Some contain only the quick-reference section, or a list of keyboard commands. Others are simply strategies on how to better play a game.

I have not verified that these instructions are accurate. I don't even recognize a few of these as Atari 8-bit programs. They are simply a collection of docs that I downloaded years ago and had forgotten about until recently. I transferred them from my 8-bit to my PC via an Atari ST, re-formatted some of them (and fixed a few spelling errors), and placed them here.

I hope to gradually add to this list, as I have quite a bit of documentation I would like to see here. If you find any errors, have any suggestions, or just want to drop a line to another 8-bit user, you can E-Mail me (Larry Richardson) here.
10/26/99 Added Ms Pacman docs (provided by Ingmar Koch)

9/28/99 Added Scram docs (provided by Russ Gilbert)

6/24/99 Removed Ogre and Autoduel docs after receiving an e-mail from Steve Jackson games.. no, really! (are they still selling these??? :-)

3/20/99 Added the following docs (provided by Scott Wozniak): Karateka

3/19/99 Added the following docs (provided by Scott Wozniak): Firebird, Jumpman Junior, Powerstar, River Rescue, Seafox, and Zenji

2/7/99 Added links section (again, no new manuals yet)

1/22/99 Updated email address (sorry, no new manuals yet!)

10/19/98 Added Tomahawk manual and quick reference

10/10/98 Registered site with the Atari 8-bit web ring

9/19/97 Added Pharaoh's Curse manual

8/31/97 Added the following DOCs from the Atari Manual Archive. (Thanks to the Morbid Guy for permission to use these files!):

8/27/97 Added Andromeda and Zeppelin manuals

8/25/97 Added Galahad & the Holy Grail manual

8/24/97 Added hit counter (yes, it DOES have way more digits than I will ever need!)

8/18/97 Added the following docs:
8/15/97 Added many files from personal disks. Added colorspace docs provided by Stephen Anderson.

8/14/97 Initial page

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