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Editing single player race scores

WACKY1.HI contains scores for single player races with 12 hp engines. WACKY2.HI contains scores for 6 hp engines. Both files can be edited as follows:

Each line is 46 bytes long. (The file doesn’t have line breaks though.) There are four lines of high scores, followed by four lines that look like default scores, followed by four more lines of high scores, etc. There’s no point in editing the lines with default scores (lines 5–8, 13–16, etc.), because they aren’t displayed in the game. The first set of eight lines (four for scores, and four default scores) are for regular bronze amateur races. The next set is for regular bronze pro, then champ. Next are the silver races scores in the same order, followed by gold, and then bonus bronze, silver, and gold. Even the shareware version has a full set of high scores, even though you can’t play any races except regular bronze.

Each line of 46 bytes is formatted this way:

These are the characters you can use when typing the date or driver’s name:
Upper case letters, numbers, spaces, or these characters: ! # & ( ) - , . ' ?