Phil’s Wacky Wheels Site


Links to the official 3D Realms site

Apogee/3D Realms web site
Publisher of Wacky Wheels. Info, news, download other Apogee games, etc.
Wacky Wheels at Apogee/3D Realms
Info and screen shots for Wacky Wheels.
3D Realms tech support for Wacky Wheels
Solutions to a few Wacky Wheels problems, and a link to e-mail 3D Realms tech support.
3D Realms forums
Currently the best forum to discuss Wacky Wheels and other old Apogee/3D Realms games.
3D Realms forums: Wacky Wheels track editor
Information about why there is no publicly available track editor for Wacky Wheels, and the limited possibilities for editing tracks. See this site’s page on wacky.dat for some information that might help in editing the tracks in Wacky Wheels.
3D Realms forums: “Turbo start” in Wacky Wheels??
Discussing a possible undocumented cheat in Wacky Wheels that allows you to get a turbo boost at the start of a race without using the turbo startup code. Check out the link and see if you can help discover how to get it to work.

Other links

Rinkworks Apogee FAQ
Lots of information about Apogee games.
Szevvy’s domain
Home of the Wombat Game tools, which you can use to do some things with WACKY.DAT.
S&F Prod. homepage
Free programs to extract files and music from games (mostly from Apogee) including Wacky Wheels.
Wacky Wheels at MobyGames
Has scans of Wacky Wheels box art, a full Wacky Wheels credits list, and other information.
Wacky Wheels article at Wikipedia
A page about Wacky Wheels that anyone can edit, at the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.
Ugly Studios
Formerly Beavis Soft (and then Fast Track Animations), the company that programmed Wacky Wheels.