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More cheats

Here are a few more cheats and bugs in the game. You can have unlimited cars during a race (so you can take as many tries as you want to qualify), you can play any character you want in the shareware version, you can drive silver wheels track two in the shareware version, and you can get extra ammunition (ice cubes) whenever you want in the registered version.

Unlimited cars

During a race, save and quit. When you restore the race, you will have three cars again, even if you lost or restarted the race before. You get the number of hedgehogs that you had the last time you finished a race, whether you qualified or not.

Shareware cheat

In the shareware version, you can only choose between four characters when you start a race. Using this cheat you can play as any character you want. You can also play silver wheels track two. (Another way to play silver wheels track two is to finish the bronze wheels races in first place overall in champion class—you will then play the track as a bonus race.)

  1. Start a single player race, press ESC, and select “save and quit.”
  2. Choose “Wacky Wheels Info” from the main menu. Alternatively, you can choose “Ordering Info” but then you will only be able to drive as Uno.
  3. — If you only want to change characters, choose “Instructions.”
    — If you want to play silver wheels track two, choose “Ordering.”
  4. Note what character is being played. Press ESC to return to the “Wacky Wheels Info” menu.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the character you want.
  6. Restore your race from the main menu.

You will have 10 laps per race, and you will either be playing Bronze Wheels track one, or Silver Wheels track two, depending on what you chose above. If you finish Silver Wheels track two, the game will crash trying to load track three. If you want more control over modifying your saved games, see editing saved games.

Registered version cheat

If you have the registered version of Wacky Wheels, you can get additional ammunition by holding down on the fire button for about a second. You will get an ice cube. It will replace any object you were holding (like a bomb or oil slick—not hedgehogs). To fire ice cubes in the shareware version, you can start Wacky Wheels using the ice cheat in the command line (type “ww ice”—see startup codes).