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Never knew I put the ability to jump the walls in the track. For history’s sake I now consider that a feature rather than a bug.
—Andy Edwardson, programmer of Wacky Wheels

The way to jump the walls

This is a bug in the program, not a cheat. It can also be difficult to do. You can also go inside walled off areas inside of the track. If you jump outside the walls in Windows without DOSBox, your game will probably lock up sooner or later. If you use DOSBox or a DOS computer, it should work without crashing the game.


Here is an animation of a car jumping over the walls (with the “one car method”). It’s an animated gif, 50 kB. Click on the link and it should play automatically.

One car method

So, here’s how you jump the walls:

  1. Start a two player shootout in Regular shootout zone 4 or Bonus shootout zone 2. These zones are the only ones with objects far enough back in the corner. You don’t want to pick up the object, so make sure you pick up something else first (like a bomb or oil slick) and don’t press the fire key while you’re in the corner.
  2. Find a corner with a matchbox that’s close to the wall (some are closer than others). Drive into the corner from the right and turn around to the left. Keep turning until you’re facing the object. Hold on the accelerator the whole time you’re turning in the corner. Hopefully, you will be able to push yourself backwards over the wall.
  3. Drive around. Your computer will lock up sooner or later, unless you’re using DOS without Windows, or an emulator. To get back in you will have to restart the zone.

Two car method

The one car method relies on you pushing yourself off of something else and over the wall. The two car method has one go cart push off of the other go cart. This way, you can jump over any corner in any race or shoot-out. You can either leave the track, or some races have walled off areas within the track.

  1. Choose any corner in any race or shootout.
  2. Have one player start driving straight into the corner. Hold on the accelerator facing the corner, and if you get pushed out of the corner, steer back into it. Otherwise, don’t turn. You might want to use the jump cheat to stay in the corner (see Startup codes). Don’t use turbo or you will both blow up.
  3. The other player should drive into the corner from one side, and then turn around facing the first player. Steer the same way as in the one car method. You want to hit the other go cart while between it and the wall. If it works, you will be pushed backwards over the wall no matter how wide the wall is.

Places to visit

Here is a short list of some tracks you might want to visit and jump the walls:

Bonus silver wheels track one
Has a walled-off lake inside of the track you can visit (see screenshots, shot 6).
Regular silver wheels track four
Has an extra narrow spot inside walled off inside the track. You can use it to get out from inside the walls easily (see screenshots, shot 5).
Regular bronze final, bonus silver final
On these tracks the walls come in from outside the tracks close enough so after you go outside the walls, you can come back in like in regular silver wheels track four.