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File list

Here’s a listing of all the files of interest in the registered version of Wacky Wheels and what they are, with information about how to edit the files where applicable. Some less interesting files aren’t listed in the table, including MODEM.PCK (a list of modem strings) and a document with the game licence.

Game data files

Besides WW.EXE, these files are the only ones required to run Wacky Wheels. To setup Wacky Wheels, you need SETUP.EXE, which generates WACKY.CFG.

Contains information about configuring Wacky Wheels, and saved games. You can edit some of the information in this file (see editing saved games). Running SETUP.EXE creates this file.
Contains midi and PCX files, and other files needed for Wacky Wheels to run. For information on editing this file, see Editing WACKY.DAT.

Top score files

These files contain the names of all the players with the most points or fastest times. They also contain the date recorded and the number of points. These files are not required to run Wacky Wheels. If the game needs one of these files and can’t find it, the file is created with the default settings. Deleting one of these files will only reset that set of scores, if you don’t want to reset all of them at once.

Contains the names of the top wacky duck shooters. Editing duck shoot scores
Contains top score information for single player races (12 horsepower go carts). Editing single player race scores
Contains top score information for time trials (12 hp go carts). Editing time trial scores
Contains top score information for single player races (6 hp go carts).
Contains top score information for time trials (6 hp go carts).

Game executable files

Wacky Wheels game. You can edit any text string you find in this file using a binary editor. For example, you can change the names of the characters. You can’t make the names longer, but you can make them shorter by filling the rest of the name with spaces or inserting ASCII character 00 at the end of the name.
Program to set up Wacky Wheels controls, sound card, graphics detail levels, and a modem or null-modem serial cable. You can also reset all the score and time records. Settings from this program are saved in WACKY.CFG.
Help and information for Wacky Wheels.
A program to display the game manual. The manual pages are stored in PCX files. This program only shipped with the registered download and CD-ROM versions of the game. The floppy disk version shipped with a printed manual.