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Game music

Here you can download the music from Wacky Wheels in various formats. You can also download an unreleased track, “Everything,” which was written for Wacky Wheels but not included in the game. Mark Klem, who wrote the music for Wacky Wheels, has high quality recordings of some tracks, two of which are extended versions. There are also some live performances and remixes.

You can download zip files of all MIDI files, Ogg recordings from MIDI, AdLib MP3s by Teppica, or recordings from Mark Klem.

At the bottom of the page is a table that shows what music is played for each race and shootout zone, and more information about the files.

Track nameWhere in gameMIDI trackAdLib trackMP3 from Mark KlemOther recordings/notes
Everything (everythi) N/A MIDI OGG Written for Wacky Wheels but not included in the game
Apogee theme (apogee) Intro screen MIDI OGG MP3
Dream (mainmenu) Main menu MIDI OGG MP3 MP3 (extended version)
Ashes Race selection screen and track preview MIDI OGG MP3 MP3 (extended version) Remix by The Orichalcon
Turbo Regular bronze tracks 1 and 4, bonus silver track 3, regular and bonus shootout zones 3 MIDI OGG MP3 MP3
Dance Regular bronze track 2, bonus silver tracks 1 and 4 MIDI OGG MP3
Flight Regular bronze track 3, bonus bronze tracks 1 and 4, regular and bonus shootout zones 6 MIDI OGG MP3 MP3
Overdrive (overdriv) All final tracks (track 5) MIDI OGG MP3 MP3
Star Brain (starbrai) Regular silver tracks 1 and 4, regular gold track 2, bonus gold track 3, regular and bonus shootout zones 5 MIDI OGG MP3 The first ten seconds of the MIDI and AdLib tracks are different
Bass Attack (bassattk) Regular and bonus silver tracks 2 MIDI OGG MP3
Kard Regular silver track 3, bonus bronze track 2, regular and bonus shootout zones 2 MIDI OGG MP3 MP3
Banshi Regular gold tracks 1 and 4, bonus gold tracks 1 and 4, regular and bonus shootout zones 1 MIDI OGG MP3
Brick Wall (bricwall) Regular gold track 3, bonus gold track 2, regular and shootout zones 4 MIDI OGG MP3
Pumper Bonus bronze track 3 MIDI OGG MP3
Spacey Ordering and instructions screens MIDI OGG MP3 MP3
Rostrum music (leadrbrd) The rostrum MIDI OGG MP3
Game over (gameover) Game over screen MIDI OGG MP3
Regular racesBonus racesRegular and bonus
shootout zones
1TurboStar BrainBanshiFlightDanceBanshiBanshi
2DanceBass AttackStar BrainKardBass AttackBrick WallKard
3FlightKardBrick WallPumperTurboStar BrainTurbo
4TurboStar BrainBanshiFlightDanceBanshiBrick Wall
5OverdriveOverdriveOverdriveOverdriveOverdriveOverdriveStar Brain

More information about the files

Music in Wacky Wheels is saved in two formats: MIDI and KLM, an AdLib synthesis format that was apparently only used for Wacky Wheels. The MIDI files are played if you select General MIDI music output in the Wacky Wheels setup program. The KLM files are used if you select SoundBlaster. The MIDI and KLM recordings sound the same, except for Star Brain and Brick Wall.

The recordings in Ogg format were made using the MIDI synthesis in Windows 7. The AdLib KLM music was recorded using a Sound Blaster 16 CT1740 by Teppica.