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Editing saved games

If you know how to edit files like this, you can edit the WACKY.CFG file to change a saved game. You can modify a current saved game, or create a new one using these instructions. Both a single and a two player race can be saved at the same time. Edit the bytes at the following addresses to change your race. The addresses are in hexadecimal. For two player races, the first address listed is for player one, and the second address is for player two.

Two player racesSingle player races
866Whether the saved game is enabled or not. Set to 00 to remove the option to restore a saved game, or 01 to enable the saved game.8DA
876Race type (01=amateur, 02=pro, 03=champ, 04=time trial, 05=sort of like kid mode). If you set the race type to time trial, only the first six laps are recorded, but your overall time is for all laps. If the number of laps is less than six, any laps that you didn’t race have will get a time of zero seconds. Setting the race type to kid mode or setting a two player time trial both have unusual effects.8EA
872Number of laps. This byte and the following three bytes are a longint, but unless you want very long races, you will only need to use the first byte. A zero lap race ends when you cross the finish line before the first lap. If you set the number of laps to a negative number, the race ends as soon as it starts, and you get first place.8E6
958Horsepower of your engine (01=12HP, 02=6HP).95A
87ACourse group (bronze=01, silver=02, gold=03). To switch between regular and bonus races, see below. Changing to a registered course group from the shareware version will crash the game. The one exception to this is regular silver wheels track two (the bonus race you get for winning regular bronze wheels, champion class). However, once you finish the race and the game tries to load track three, it will crash.8EE
95C00 for regular races, 03 for bonus pack races.95E
87ECourse number (0105).8F2
86A &
Your character type (see list). Both of these bytes should be the same number. You can become any character you want, even if you are using the shareware version of the game. Two player races: 8DE and 916 are player one, 8E2 and 91A are player two.
00=Uno, 01=Sultan, 02=Morris, 03=Peggles, 04=Razer, 05=Ringo, 06=Blombo, 07=Tigi
8DE & 916,
8E2 & 91A
Opponents character type (every four bytes: 8A6, 8AA, etc.). Use the numbers listed above. Generally, you want each of these to be different, and not your own. You can set multiple characters to the same type, but it causes some problems with the high score table.91E–
882Your points. This is the first byte of a longint, but Wacky Wheels can’t always change your score correctly if you have an extremely high score. You will probably only need to use the first byte.8F6,
Opponents points (every four bytes: 886, 88A, etc.) Every four bytes are a longint, but usually the last three bytes are all 00.8FE–
8C2Number of hedge hogs. This is the first byte of a longint. You can’t save hedgehogs in a two player race.
8C6Item held. 00=nothing, 03=fire, 04=devil pups, 05=bomb, 06=oil, 07=upside down hog, 08=ice. If you hit an upside down hog, your steering reverses, but the screen doesn’t turn upside down like it does in shootouts. Opponents spin out when they hit one. You can’t save an item in a two player race.
01=Race head to head, 02=Race with all cars.94E

The above information is based on information from the Apogee FAQ, written and copyrighted by Samuel Stoddard. I fixed a few places where I think there were mistakes, and I’ve added more information.