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Startup codes

Type one or more of the following when starting the game after “WW” (example: WW hog). You must be in the directory that WW.EXE is in (C:\WACKY or wherever). You have to type the parameters as is (“WW turbo”, not “WW /turbo”). Everything is stackable (WW /2 turbo jump hog), and order doesn’t matter. If you type more that one weapons cheat (hog, fire, or ice) only the first one will be taken. You can’t use /2 and /3 at the same time.

turboPress brake and fire for turbo mode
jumpPress brake and accelerate to jump
/debugCreates err.log to record any errors during the game
nowSkips intro and goes right to the main menu
You can use only one of these:
hog99 hedge hogs per race
fire99 fire balls per race
ice99 ice cubes per race
You can use only one of these:
/2Increases game speed (for slow computers)
/3Increases game speed more (for really slow computers)

Hedge hogs and fireballs can only be fired again after the last one has hit something (or hit the ground). Ice cubes can be fired immediately after the previous one, providing a stream of ice cubes so your opponent will probably hit one of them.

All of these cheats can be used in both the shareware and registered versions of Wacky Wheels. The ice code is the only way you can use ice cubes with the shareware version.