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Download Wacky Wheels

Usually the best way to run Wacky Wheels on modern computers is by using DOSBox. If you want to see the original system requirements to run Wacky Wheels, see below.

Shareware version
Zip file, 1.53 MB
Registered version download
$5.99 US, sold by 3D Realms

Wacky Wheels media

Wacky Wheels manual
A scan of the original print manual
Wacky Wheels advertisement
An old print advertisement from 3D Realms
Promotional slideshow introducing Wacky Wheels. The slideshow was first released 30 Aug 1994, a month and a half before Wacky Wheels was released. This is a DOS program.
WW music
The MIDI music files, extracted from WACKY.DAT
Wacky Wheels music remix
A remix of Ashes from the Wacky Wheels game music. I downloaded it from
WW sound effects
Audio files extracted from WACKY.DAT and converted to wave format


Wombat Game Tools
A program to extract and view the files in WACKY.DAT. You can also replace files if you want to try editing the levels.
WACKY.DAT extractor from the S&F Prod. homepage
Extract 577 files out of WACKY.DAT. (298 files for the shareware version.) Notice that the Wombat Game Tools can also extract these files.
Mo’Slo v1.32 and CPU Kill 2.0
Use one of these programs to slow down your computer if you can’t install Wacky Wheels because of a runtime error. Also see troubleshooting.

Emulators, etc.

A free DOS emulator for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It runs Wacky Wheels very well if you get version 0.65 or newer.
A free operating system designed to act like DOS and run DOS programs. Note that you have to boot to FreeDOS—you can’t load it while your computer is running another operating system unless you use something like DOSEMU (see next link).
Emulate DOS in Linux. It can load FreeDOS or MS-DOS.
A soundcard emulator that might let you get sound working in Wacky Wheels under windows NT 4 SP 3, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. It hasn’t been updated since August 2001. Only try this if DOSBox doesn’t run on your computer.

Other stuff

These files probably aren’t as interesting, but I’ll keep links to them here anyway.

Wacky Wheels icons
eight icons of Wacky Wheels characters for Windows.
Desktop theme
zip file, 475 KB, for Windows 95. You also need Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95.

Wacky Wheels system requirements

Note: these system requirements were written when the game came out in 1994. They are mainly of historical interest now.

Sound cards: Adlib, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Pro Audio Spectrum 16, Gravis ultraSound, Wave Blaster, Roland Sound Canvas, Disney/Tandy Sound Source, Any General MIDI Device