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PC-SPRINT - Overclocking The First PC With A DIY Open Source Hardware Solution From 1985!

Join me as I tell you all about the PC-SPRINT. The plans for this DIY overclocking solution were released for free in 1985, so I decided to build one in 2020 and use it to overclock my 1981 IBM 5150 PC!

This video was created for RetroFair 2020. Unfortunately due to humanity’s impending doom the VCF Pacific Northwest vintage computer show has been cancelled this year. Originally scheduled for the weekend of 21st/22nd of March, @JohnKennedyMSFT over on Twitter suggested that we take the event online instead.

To be honest I wouldn’t have been able to attend the event anyway as it’s a few thousand miles from me, although I’ve been an active user of the VCFed forums for years - in fact, that’s where the original inspiration came from for this project.

The GitHub repo I mentioned in the video is available here:

Official RetroFair 2020 Playlist:

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