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Projects & Pickups - Studio Improvements, Atari 260ST, RODE Vlogger Kit, Orpheus Sound Card & More!

Some topics covered: Improvements to my filming setup and the RODE Vlogger Kit, some last minute videos, an Atari 260ST update, mouSTer / Atari Fan Magazine from Retrohax, Atari Jaguar GameDrive Jaguar CD update, Dark Forces PC big box pickup, Orpheus ISA Sound Card / DreamBlaster X2, Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar, some sealed Atari Lynx Games, and a Patron’s laptop that I’ve taken in for repair for a future video!

A chance to go “behind the scenes” with the channel with a slightly more informal, unscripted format wherein I talk about some of my ongoing projects, a few of my collecting pickups and some future video plans.

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