Latest Projects From ctrl.alt.rees

The IT Crowd Oric Atmos - Story, Repair & Review - As Seen On TV!

I'm the proud owner of an Oric Atmos 8-bit computer that was used as a prop in Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd. Here's the story of how it came to be in my possession, what happened when I tried to power it up for the first time, and what I needed to fix to get it up and running. I also take a look at some games on the system.

Sony PlayStation PSOne Restoration and Retr0bright - The Wife's 18th Birthday Present!

I recently discovered my wife's Sony PSOne which she got as a present for her 18th birthday 20 years ago! In this episode I retr0bright and repair the PlayStation console and controller - I hope you'll agree it looks practically brand new!

HOWTO - Repair and Upgrade Atari 5200 CX-52 Controllers With The Best Electronics Gold PCB Kit!

Some people say that the Atari 5200 had the worst controllers of all time. But they can actually be massively improved by upgrading to gold contacts!

HOWTO - Installing an Atari 2600 6-Switch PAL Composite Mod - For TV's Jason Bradbury!

Installing the commonly available Atari 2600 composite mod board in a 6-switch Light Sixer PAL console.

HOWTO - Nintendo Famicom Composite Video Output Mod

How to get a decent video output from your Nintendo Famicom with a handful of low cost simple components.

HOWTO - Atari 7800 Controller ST Compatibility Modification

How to modify the Atari 7800 control pad for use with the Atari ST (and older systems too!)

HOWTO - Atari 2600 / VCS Bezel Painting

Instructions for painting the Atari 2600 / VCS orange bezel.

Amstrad PC1512 Liberation Part 3 - The Prototype Video Liberator

Documenting my homemade Amstrad PC1512 video liberator prototype on perfboard.

Amstrad PC1512 Liberation Part 2 - The Video Inverter Circuit

The Amstrad PC1512 Video liberator circuit.

HOWTO - NeXTStation Easy SCSI2SD Setup

Installing a SCSI2SD in your NeXTStation - a howto guide.

Amstrad PC1512 Liberation Part 1 - Building An External Power Supply

Building an external power supply for the Amstrad PC1512 - a howto guide.