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Welcome to ctrl-alt-rees - Vintage Tech Repairs and Mods, Retro Gaming and Atari collecting

Hello, my name is Rees and I’m a vintage computing and retro gaming enthusiast and tinkerer from the UK. You may know me from Instagram, Twitter, or maybe even YouTube.

Or maybe not.

The Purpose of this website

On this site I’ll go into more detail on my various projects and share the technical info behind what I do. I’m sharing this because Google and other websites are invaluable in helping me to tinker with my hardware projects, so I needed a place to document for the benefit of others who might find themselves in my situation.

Here’s are my documented projects and guides that may or may not have videos yet, including the most complete history of the cancelled Atari Panther anywhere online! Where I use defunct websites from the Wayback Machine, I try to rescue and reconstruct them and host them in my website archive.

This site is deliberately compiled to lightweight static HTML and hosted on GitHub Pages to keep the information within as available as possible for as long as possible. I also try to contribute stuff to The Internet Archive.

YouTube Channel

Check out the ctrl-alt-rees video feed - here’s the latest:

MK8330 ISA Sound Card, PC MIDI & E-Wave Review - A Cut Price Orpheus?

The MK8330 is a brand new (for 2022!) ISA sound card for DOS and early Windows PCs from sound card legends keropi and marmes. It's built around the Sound Blaster 16/PRO/2.0 and AdLib compatible CMI8330, and even supports Windows Sound System in Windows 95 and 98. Oh, and it has drivers for Windows 3.11! It sports an authentic-sounding OPL3 implementation and is less than half the cost of the Orpheus. Also on test here are the new E-Wave WaveTable card and the official PC MIDI expansion board, which adds sophisticated MIDI capabilities including support for the Roland MT-32's Intelligent Mode.

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Want to get in touch with me on Discord? Have an invitation to my official server. My patrons get exclusive Discord benefits like early access to videos (as well as a dedicated place to discuss them) and the opportunity to promote their own work in a dedicated channel!

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