A New Famicom Composite Mod Appears! Backoffice PowerVAMP Mod First Impressions

In this video I check out the new PowerVAMP drop-in composite and power mod for the Nintendo Famicom by The Backoffice. This board requires minimal soldering and upgrades the Famicom with a better, any-polarity power supply and composite video output. But how easy is it to fit, and how does it stack up against the most popular composite mod out there?

Relevant Links:
Backoffice PowerVAMP Mod Board Preorder Page: https://backofficeshow.com/shop/famicom-psu-av-replacement-board
The Backoffice Show YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ajarmstr
Famicom Composite Mod HOWTO: https://ctrl-alt-rees.com/2019-01-26-nintendo-famicom-composite-video-output-mod.html

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