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Projects & Pickups: RMC NetVista M41, Acorn Archimedes Restoration, Atari ST, Future Videos & More!

A chance to go "behind the scenes" with the channel with a slightly more informal, unscripted format wherein I talk about some of my ongoing projects that didn’t make it to YouTube, a few of my game collecting pickups and some future video plans.

Some topics covered: My current Acorn Archimedes A305 restoration, plans for repairs and upgrades to my original 1985 Atari 520ST, a new game I’ve discovered for my RM 486, and a few game collecting pickups too!

Relevant links: KeyTronic keyboard pads:
Amiga keyboard springs:
CJE / 4D Pi Shop (Acorn spares):
Archimedes mouse mat:
LGR NetVista video:

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