Mr. Driller Japanese Arcade Marquee Scans

These are raw, unedited scans of the original Japanese arcade marquees from Mr. Driller. As they’re slightly larger than A4 I had to scan them in two parts and then stitch together in Photoshop, but they’re otherwise untouched. As you can see, one has a tape mark on the front and the other has a big crease in the corner, but hopefully they’re of some use to someone.

These measure 325x220mm and sat in a plastic holder on top of the machine. I’ve scanned them at 300DPI.

Mr Driller Japanese Arcade Marquee Front

Front: JPG / PNG

Mr Driller Japanese Arcade Marquee Instructions

Instructions: JPG / PNG

If you do anything with these please let me know, I’d definitely be interested in touched-up versions for use as wallpaper etc!

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