Download Media Rack - Willow Pond's Legendary Classic Media Player For Windows 3.1 / 9x - Cover Photo

Download Media Rack - Willow Pond's Legendary Classic Media Player For Windows 3.1 / 9x

Click here to download the last ever release of Media Rack for Windows 3.1 / 9x. This is version from May 22, 1997 and supports Windows 3.1 and 95. Just unzip and run SETUP.EXE.

Modern Open Source Recreation

There is a modern recreation available called AudioStation, written by Alex van den Berg.

Original Description From Apple Seed Site

Willow Pond Media Rack v2.20.0.23
Willow Pond Corporation
56 Winchester Street, Newton, MA
May 22, 1997
Windows 3.1 & Windows 95

Media Rack - Full-featured Audio Player Suite.

Often referred to as the best designed, most tightly coded and reliable audio suite of the time. Willow Pond used and adhered to the Microsoft multimedia libraries, which meant it behaved well with other applications (on Microsoft’s “Approved List”, they were assigned the identifier “MM_WILLOWPOND”).

Media Rack and other Willow Pond products were widely used by OEMs who bundled the software with their audio and video cards.

Willow Pond also offered their products (some with more advanced feature sets) directly to the consumer market.

Media Rack provides a CD Player, MIDI Player, WAV Player, Digital Clock, Volume and Mixer controls - all in a vertical stack - just like a high-end stereo component system.

  • CD Player handles both audio and video CDs.
  • Click on the digital clock and it swiches from 24 to 12 hour time formats. Set alarms, just like the one on your nightstand.
  • Click on the clock’s display and it will “speak” the time to you in a very human-like voice.
  • MIDI and Wav Player can play a single file, or use custom playlists you create.
  • The Printer Icon lets you drag & drop any document for immediate printing.
  • Master volume and Mixer controls set and keep audio levels.
  • Display them all, or just the ones you use most frequently.

Some OEMs that used Willow Pond’s Media Rack (and other titles) included: Hewlett Packard, Diamond, Acer, DCS, OPTi, Pionex, Analog Devices and Zoltrix.

AppleSeed notes: This is the most recent version of Media Rack I am aware of. The advent of Windows 95, coupled with the Fraunhofer codec war, and the trending away from visually large rack displays towards button bar and system tray launchers (the “rack” novelty wore off) reduced the viability of this product.

Media Rack installs and behaves well in either Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 (it is Windows 95 aware, and chooses which system files to install accordingly).

Absolutely nothing special to note when installing: Just click on SETUP.EXE, and it will be done within moments.

No serial keys or registration to enter, no timeouts - just use and enjoy.

AppleSeed ‘96

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